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Trevor O'Hara

Hi, I'm Trevor O'Hara

I'm a former globetrotting technology & travel exec turned entrepreneur. Change is my thing.

Change & transition is second nature to me. I've lived, worked, & led teams in 12 countries, raising $millions in financing for travel, tech, & my own ventures.

Today, I run an advisory firm for entrepreneurs. I also write, speak & share insights on "agilism" & building a portfolio lifestyle. More about me here & here.

Join me & a growing community of fellow "agilists"  for stories, ideas, tools, tips, inspiration, & the new rules for shifting to the non-linear lifestyle.

Recent Posts

Resilience is a Myth. 3 Insights For Entrepreneurs Who've Recently Suffered a Setback

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being "resilient." Just when I thought I was resilienT enough and it was safe to go back into the water, Dr. Fate deals another blow. Whaaat? Again? You know how the saying goes: the only way to deal with uncertainty in

The Power of Optionality

Several years ago, a startup I was running failed. I was so sure of success, I had no backup plan. The stress almost cost me my marriage and my health. I've learned a lot about the power of optionality since then and I'll be writing a lot on this subject.

The Power of Optionality

5 Things We're Missing About Longevity & Living to 100

A few articles on the subject of longevity have got my attention recently. Some of the technology advances for improving healthcare and increasing life expectancy are incredible. Around 100 years ago, people lived to the age of 30 on average. Today, more and more people are reaching their 100th birthday.

5 Things We're Missing About Longevity & Living to 100