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I Know What It’s Like. I’ve Been There!

Navigating life’s challenges can be daunting, whether it’s shifting careers, managing personal growth, or pivoting business strategies. I know because I’ve faced these very challenges.

Living and working in over 40 countries, dealing with cross-border ambiguities, facing multiple transitions, failing at a couple of businesses before running a successful one - and helping other other innovative companies raise millions in investment funding have all been part of my journey.

Now I bring this wealth of experience to you. I combine lived experiences with proven strategies to help you implement the principles of Agilism.

Ready to Take Control of Your Future with Agilism?

Let's make your next steps as impactful as possible. Explore my coaching plans to find the one that best suits your journey towards success.

Use Agilism Coaching to Navigate Life’s Unknowns

Life is unpredictable, filled with changes and challenges that can disrupt your personal and professional plans.

Whether you’re facing career transitions, entrepreneurial hurdles, or personal growth barriers, understanding and navigating these complexities is crucial.

Agilism coaching is tailored to equip you with the skills and mindset to adapt swiftly and effectively.

Do Any of These Challenges Sound Familiar?

Career Transitions

Are you contemplating a job change, recovering from a job loss, seeking career advancement, or aiming to re-enter the job market? We can map out your next steps together and explore ways to reinvent your career to align with your evolving aspirations.

Entrepreneurial and Business Challenges

Feeling overwhelmed by startup pressures or finding it hard to scale? Let’s work on refining your business model to fit the market better, ensuring you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Personal Growth and Well-being

Feeling stuck in a rut? Together, we can set new goals, discover fresh directions, and move past your previous limitations to unlock a future full of exciting possibilities.

Financial Management

Struggling with financial uncertainty due to a career change or starting a new venture? Let's strategize on how to manage your finances more effectively during these transitions.

Aging and Midlife Transitions

Are you navigating significant changes as you approach or progress through midlife? Whether you're planning retirement or looking to find a new purpose afterward, let’s develop a plan that revitalizes and satisfies you.

Life Transitions

Dealing with moving to a new country, undergoing major family dynamics shifts, health changes, or personal identity evolution? I’m here to support you in adapting smoothly and positively to these life transitions.

These challenges are just a few examples of where Agilism coaching can really help. By learning to adapt and swiftly change direction, I can help you turn these challenges into opportunities to grow and succeed.

Facing any of these challenges? Book a Compass Call to begin transforming your approach and mastering life’s complexities.

Set Your New Direction With Agilism

Schedule a Compass Call. Let's use the principles to begin crafting a new path that aligns with your goals.


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We'll both apply the 21 principles to move forward.

Here’s What to Expect

Most transition coaches use linear, sequential approaches based on fixed methodologies. However, the essence of Agilism acknowledges that outcomes are often unpredictable. I integrate the principles of Agilism into my coaching, offering strategies that evolve with your life and fluctuating challenges.

Learn how to take stock in the fog of uncertainty

I'll teach you how to methodically assess your current situation when uncertainty clouds your path, ensuring you make well-informed decisions. This skill not only helps address immediate challenges but also empowers you to apply the same strategic pause and assessment in future scenarios, enhancing your resilience and adaptability in any situation.

Save time and money

When taking a new direction, it’s always tempting to chase big dreams and goals. But these can come at a cost if you’re not careful. I’ll teach you to implement an incremental, experimental approach that saves you time and money.

Steer in your new direction

I’ll teach you how to set your new direction and define your next steps, whether you’re recovering from a setback, pivoting in business, or transitioning to a new career. Remember, Agilism emphasizes experimentation and taking calculated small steps-I’ll show you the ropes.

Make the right decisions

Agilism empowers you to make well-informed decisions in the face of uncertainty, ensuring you have the flexibility to adapt as situations evolve. I’ll guide you in developing an Agilist mindset that balances risk and reward, allowing for both flexible course corrections and sustained progress.


Why you’re investing in a mindset

Increase Adaptability

Develop the flexibility to swiftly adjust to changes and confidently manage unpredictability in every aspect of your life.

Save Time & Money

Learn to make smarter decisions That save time and money, helping you to achieve your goals with minimal waste.

Build Optionality

Develop backup strategies that Ensure you’re prepared for any scenario, allowing you to switch track when challenges arise


Choose the plan that's right for you


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One Live Video Call


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