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About Me

As a former travel and tech exec turned entrepreneur, I've lived with change and transition all my life.

I've lived in 12 countries, worked in 60, and raised $60m for travel and tech ventures with a combined turnover of over $300m.

In 2022, I walked away from the hectic globetrotting lifestyle to start a publication and build my own portfolio of businesses.

I also write, speak, and advise on the nonlinear life and building a portfolio lifestyle.


1. The 'Out of Line' newsletter. Join a growing community of readers who are developing a different mindset to change, transition, and reinvention - at any age. Each weekend, you'll receive four or five ideas that will help you break free from linear thinking and switch to a portfolio lifestyle.

2. Going through a change or transition? If you want to pivot, are experiencing a transition, or considering building a portfolio, click here.

3. Business or investment advisory: I continue to provide business & investment advice. But I limit this each year to a small number of clients. It's a good way for  me to keep the saw sharp and help a select number of early-stage, fast growth companies as part of my own portfolio. Click here for further info.

I'm also on LinkedIn if you'd like to follow my journey. Feel free also to reach out to me at To receive an alert when I write something new or I'm sharing some news, simply sign up to the Out of Line newsletter.


  • I'm the Founder of The Interlude Café, an online publication dedicated to readers who wish to pursue a nonlinear lifestyle. The publication, due to launch shortly, is initially targeted at the 45-75 demographic.

Other Fun Stuff

  • I've just completed the second draft of Think Like a Beringian: 21 Principles for the Nonlinear Life. If you've gone through a transition or are building a portflio and would like to be featured in the book, I'd love to hear your story. Feel free to send me an email to

If you want to read more about my background and story, click here.

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