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Longevity Advisory

A Positive Commitment to Positive Aging and Longevity

I'm deeply passionate about the longevity industry, fueled by my work with The Interlude Café and my commitment to the principles of Agilism.

Every month, I actively contribute to the longevity industry through strategic advisory roles and by serving on the advisory boards of select organizations.

This involvement allows me to stay at the forefront of the industry, helping businesses adapt to the challenges and opportunities presented by an aging population.

My approach blends an entrepreneurial perspective with targeted insights into demographic trends, empowering businesses to innovate and excel in a world where populations are aging rapidly. I assist these businesses in harnessing these demographic shifts to craft sustainable business models that effectively engage and meet the needs of older consumers.

If you're active in the longevity industry and want to explore how I can help your business flourish, please click here for more details on my advisory services.