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Business Discovery Call

Tailored Guidance for Immediate Business Decisions

Each month, I reserve a limited number of slots for Business Discovery Calls. This additional service is provided in response to client requests for access to my global business and entrepreneurial experience.

Unlike Compass Calls, which are exclusively focused on Agilism, Business Discovery Calls leverage my extensive experience in international business, venture consulting, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Having worked in over 40 countries and successfully raised $60 million for companies with a combined revenue of $300m, I bring a wealth of hands-on experience in building, funding, and advising companies. This experience provides unique insights into the complexities of scaling innovative businesses.

During a Business Discovery Call, we delve into a specific business challenge you're currently grappling with. We'll also incorporate the Agilism principles where they can enhance our discussion, ensuring a comprehensive and effective consultation.

To book a one-hour consultation, click the button below.