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Here’s What to Expect

Most transition coaches use linear, sequential approaches based on fixed methodologies. However, the essence of Agilism acknowledges that outcomes are often unpredictable. I integrate the principles of Agilism into my coaching, offering strategies that evolve with your life and fluctuating challenges.

Learn how to take stock in the fog of uncertainty

I'll teach you how to methodically assess your current situation when uncertainty clouds your path, ensuring you make well-informed decisions. This skill not only helps address immediate challenges but also empowers you to apply the same strategic pause and assessment in future scenarios, enhancing your resilience and adaptability in any situation.

Save time and money

When taking a new direction, it’s always tempting to chase big dreams and goals. But these can come at a cost if you’re not careful. I’ll teach you to implement an incremental, experimental approach that saves you time and money.

Steer in your new direction

I’ll teach you how to set your new direction and define your next steps, whether you’re recovering from a setback, pivoting in business, or transitioning to a new career. Remember, Agilism emphasizes experimentation and taking calculated small steps-I’ll show you the ropes.

Make the right decisions

Agilism empowers you to make well-informed decisions in the face of uncertainty, ensuring you have the flexibility to adapt as situations evolve. I’ll guide you in developing an Agilist mindset that balances risk and reward, allowing for both flexible course corrections and sustained progress.