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1:1 Support

I've been living with change all my life and I've made an important discovery.

People who can deal with change, reinvention, and transition quickly and easily are happier and more successful. They get out of the building, they try new things, they're happy to make a lot of small bets, and in doing so, they reap the rewards of the unexpected - in terms of new opportunities, new life chapters, and new experiences  that lead to a portfolio lifestyle.

I spend most of my time building my portfolio as well as supporting clients with specific advice, related to any of the subjects below.

If you'd like to book a 1:1 session, you'll get my undivided attention and outstanding value for an hour. I'll help you with tips, resources, and actionable advice that you can implement right away. We can use the hour for either an unstructured conversation or a more practical personal workshop.

My fee for the hourly service is $220.

To book a consultation, simply click below to pay via Stripe. I'll then be in contact with you to arrange a mutually convenient time to chat.

If you wish to consider a longer engagement, I take on only a limited number of clients per year, and the minimum engagement is 3 months. Please see my FAQ page for further details on longer engagements.

Areas of focus

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Entrepreneurship Topics

Starting a business

Choosing a business idea

Raising capital

Investor relationships


Navigating a crisis/setback

Execution & getting stuff done

Defining your priorities

Career Topics

Exploring a career change / considering a new direction

Mid-life career change

Life as an expat in a foreign environment

Personal Topics

Finding 'meaning' / 'purpose' in what you do

Working through/moving on from a setback

Working through a transition / reinvention

Fear of failure

How to/how NOT to reinvent yourself

Managing your mental well-being

Dealing with stress, exhaustion, and burnout

Dealing with midlife

Navigating a crisis

Building a personal brand/platform

Becoming a more effective leader

Uncovering financial blocks to abundance

Fear of failure

Coming out of retirement

How to take a sabbatical

To book a consultation, click either the Stripe or Paypal button below. I'll then be in contact to arrange a mutually convenient time.