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In Transition?

In Transition?

You might be wondering why somebody with an investment and entrepreneurship might be helping people in transition or to reinvent themselves.

For me, it's simple. It's personal.

I've lived with change and transition all my life. With a 90% failure rate in the world of startups, the constant pivoting can be brutal at times.

As a founder & entrepreneur, I've seen too many people struggle to recover from a failure and reinvent themselves. I've seen entrepreneur colleagues crash and burn. Some were able to bounce back successfully and some didn't.

And as an entrepreneur, I've been there too. I've got the battle scars.

And because I'm writing a book on the reinvention and transitions, I'm always interested in hearing from others who've trodden this path.

Have you ever found yourself asking: "Haven't I been here before?"

Many career and transition practitioners are taking an approach to reinvention that is way too academic, impractical, and outdated.  Any form of transition - whether life or career - is guaranteed to be an emotional journey under conditions of uncertainty. It can have an impact on your (mental) health and on the lives and wellbeing of those closest to you.

So when somebody tells you there's a neat formula for reinventing yourself, don't be fooled. You're setting yourself up with unrealistic expectations.

So this is why for me it's personal:

As the Founder of Wayless, I've made it my mission to help people make a successful transition - not just once, but as an important life skill.

If you're on the wrong freeway, every exit is the wrong exit!

Do you find yourself making any of these questions lately?

  • I need a career change

  • I can't deal with retirement

  • I'm dealing with mid-life issues

  • I’m feeling stuck. What’s next?

  • I'm thinking of taking a sabbatical

  • I think I’m at the end of the road

  • I want to shake things up a little

  • I can't find a job because of my age

  • I'm dealing with/coming out of retirement

  • I'm struggling to finding greater life purpose

  • I'm an entrepreneur and no longer 'feeling it'

  • I want to start a business, but too scared to leave my job

  • I'm dealing with some financial/relationship roadblocks

  • I want to simplify my life and prioritise flexibility & freedom

  • I feel I’m not making enough impact doing what I’m doing

  • I’ve been treading water long enough - I need a new challenge

  • I've sold my business and I'm at a crossroads. Not sure what to do next

  • I thought I had the perfect career path – but now, things just don't feel right

People who can deal with change, reinvention, and transition quickly and easily are happier and more successful. They get out of the building, they try new things, they're happy to make a lot of small bets, and in doing so, they reap the rewards of the unexpected - in terms of new opportunities, new life chapters, and new experiences that lead to a portfolio lifestyle.

I help individuals and leaders make directional changes in their career and personal lives, reinvent themselves, and develop the skills of agilism as a vital skill for life and longevity.

1. Single Deep Dive Session

If you're going through a transition or considering some form of 'pivot' or 'reinvention', then coaching works best when implemented over a period of time.

That's why you shouldn't expect quick results from a 'one-off' phone call.

That said, a deep-dive session would be appropriate if you wish to address a single specific issue related to a change you're facing.

My rate for an hourly call is $220. If you wish to arrange a consultation, click either the Stripe or Paypal button below. I'll then be in contact to arrange a mutually convenient time.

2. Transition Coaching Packages

I have a number of packages for online coaching sessions, depending on the nature of your situation. Please get in touch to ask about my packages and I'll get back to you promptly.

Book a Free Exploratory Call

If you need help, but not sure how, why not book an exploratory call and let's figure it out!